Friday, July 23, 2010

August is coming...

I am starting to watch the calendar and think about school starting. This is because I have a whole list of summer projects that I want to finish before school starts. I have been going down the list. I cleaned out my linen closet, my kitchen cabinets, sorted out the kids clothes, painted my daughter's room, moved all the furniture so that I can sweep behind it, now on to the school room!
There I sort through our mountain of paper, organize the kid's cubbies, and print up a new schedule and goals for the year!
We have continued to work on our summer skills list of cursive handwriting, memorizing our times tables and working on our typing skills so that keeps us organized. (We find it very hard to get back on track if we get totally off of our schedule.)
Next, I indulge the kids with school supplies, that we don't need, by hitting on the local sales.
Once school starts nothing else gets done!

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  1. This is what our break schedule is like, because once schooling starts back it's so hard to find time to do those things.