Friday, August 13, 2010

Are you ready for school to start? If not check this out!

I am a planner! I love to plan for school but sometimes I get lost in the planning. I just found a great resource that gives me a guideline from The Old School House Store! On special right now for $39.00! All in one neat little package.

This planner supplies over 600 planning pages for school, work and play all in one spot! The calendar pages cover 2010-2013.

In one book you have menus, blank calendar pages for weekly and daily scheduling, forms for recording attendance and keeping records for up to 5 children. The school calendar portion of the planner covers of July - June. Some of the monthly extras are:

July-5 tips for managing your homeschool while managing your home.
August- Hey Dads!
September- Beating burnout-don't survive thrive.
October- 10 factors that motivate a student's motivation to learn and his rate of learning.
November- Help others while spending time together.
December-American sign language for foreign language credit.
January- Online learning sites that can add to your homeschool.
February- Super Food!
March- The heart and soul of learning.
April, May, June...

That gets you to Spring break. Yeah! Rounding third heading for home! The school calendar part of the planner continues to the end of your personalized school year date.  I should also mention that each month has about 5 other articles, per month, which are just motivational and helpful to Mom and Dad over and above the educational components: course of study, field trip planner, booklist forms, nature journaling, preschool-highschool forms, menus, checklist for home maintenance...You get the idea. So take the stress out of your planning and check it out!

You might think that a 614 page planner seems overwhelming but the format is very user friendly. You can type/save directly  on the forms , navigate through the table of contents via the live links and print forms as you need them. Start the year organized, stress free, and excited to begin! Get your planner today!

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