Monday, November 15, 2010

Check out: Corps of Re-Discovery Fringe Pouch Kit

I always like a project for my children that encourages their creativity. I like them to have hands-on TV free activities. This pouch by the Corps of Re-Discovery filled those needs very nicely. My son chose to do this project. He really enjoyed doing the project. He is 11 and was able to do the project on his own. We found the instructions somewhat confusing when it came to attaching the fringe of the bag and the drawstring. Other than that the materials for the bag were all included with the holes pre-punched so that he could sew the bag easily. This bag is $11.99 on its own but can also be purchased in a kit with other "frontier" like items.

The Corps of Re-Discovery is a family owned business that specializes in frontier, American Indian, pioneer and colonial craft kits.

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