Monday, November 22, 2010

Bright Idea Press: Christian Kids Explore Chemistry

ckec_cover30 Lessons in five units
Hands-On Activities: including making model atoms, breaking covalent bonds, and making gas expand.
Chemistry Terms, Notations, and Rules
Unit Reviews
Supplemental Book List
Coloring pages
Comprehensive Glossary
Elements Tables

Answer Keys
Lists for further Biographical Study

This is all you need to teach a strong, basic chemistry course for Junior high and upper elementary students.
Organized and easy-to-use!
Grades 4 – 8, 384 pages.
$39.95 also for $12.95 you can purchase a downloadable student activity guide to make copies for multiple students.

I was eager to get to examine Bright Idea Press Christian Kids Explore Chemistry.  This family owned publishing company has an excellent reputation in the home school community. I have heard a lot about the whole Christian Kid's Explore Science Series written by Robert and Elizabeth Ridlon.
I was not disappointed. Though this is our first foray into chemistry, a subject I know nothing about, the book is well written and very easy to follow. I like the simple explanations and word definitions in the margins. It starts with an introduction to chemistry and progress through atoms, molecules, states of matter and concludes with organic chemistry. While my 5th grade son and I have not completed the book (do to his age we are using it as a reference work to correspond with his earth science studies). We are enjoying reading about the basics of chemistry and doing the "hand-on" activities that go with the chapter we are reading for example for Lesson 18: Salts you do a hands-on experiment to see how acids dissolve calcium carbonate. You will have to get the book to learn more, LOL.
What my son said " The book is very easy to use and understand. I am enjoying the experiments which are easy to do."
Some of the practical skill the book introduces are the scientific method, safe scientific practices and note taking skills (Lesson 4 on the Elements teaches your child to make index cards of the periodic table.)

I appreciate the comments made on the FAQs page to help you make your own decision about where to start the series in your family.

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