Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Master Innovations "The Master Ruler"

We love the Master Ruler. It is simple to use+easy to read+and hands-on=Great product! You can get a ruler that measures metric or standard units. The concept is easy to read using clear, color coded overlays that flip over each measurement (from largest to smallest unit of measurement). The standard Master Ruler has blue bindings and the metric Master Ruler has green bindings. The measurement increments are marked on clear overlays in blue, green, red and purple. There is also an available workbook.

My children are in the 3rd and 5th grades. I was able to adapt the workbook to both of their levels. I used the workbook to introduce them to them to the Master Ruler. I watched the YouTube videos from the company's website before giving it to my children. The videos on the website are very comprehensive and easy to follow. I have to say that I fully agree with the testimonials on site!

After watching the videos, the children and I worked the workbook pages. It took them a second to get the hang of deciding which ruler was needed by looking at the color coding to check for the standard (blue coded) or metric (green coded). After that the workbook pages identify which ruler should be used and then the children were able to follow the directions and complete the problems. The workbook follows a simple progression from comparing fractions, equivalent fractions, reducing fractions, converting fractions and then computing with fractions. Note: We focused on fractions because this was an area of need in our family. The book very thoroughly covers standard measurement also). The problems were challenging to my students but the Master Ruler is very self correcting. When in doubt count it out. That is what my children did and that help them see the math behind measuring too. With the clear marking it is easy to count if you have not yet learned to remember the measurements of say how many millimeters in a centimeter.
You can purchase a starter set for $41.25, this includes the workbook, metric and standard rulers and the teacher ruler which is clear so that you could use it with and overhead projector. As a homeschooling family though I would recommend purchasing the standard and metric rulers individually and then the workbook, which would save you some money.
"Master Innovations, Inc. was originally formed with one simple goal in mind, each child in the classroom should own a Master Ruler."
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