Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Math Facts Now

Math Facts NOW!" is a simple yet very effective program that will identify weak areas in your child's knowledge of the times tables and basic facts of math, and drill in those specific areas, automatically giving increased drills in those areas.
That is the introduction that the company provides to this downloadable product. I agree that the product meets those claims. But as anyone with a child that needs to learn their math facts will testify there is "many a slip between the cup and the lip." My 3rd grader willing started each math lesson and she enjoyed it for about 5 minutes. She did not like having to type in (twice) her wrong answer showing the correct answer. And she did not have the patience to get to the minimum of 50 points to complete the lesson.This is the way the program works:  daughter answers 8x3=27. This is incorrect. So she has to retype the complete math sentence 2 times in a row before she can continue to the next problem. This is very reasonable to me as a Mom, but very irritating to my daughter. I did not like that the lesson was not "saved" so that she could add to her previous points as she continued the lesson. It always began at 0 points though she did continue with the same set of preset up math tables i.e. 5 and 3 multiplication facts.
The program is very user friendly and easy to install and run. As a parent I did feel that it met the claims and that it does have useful components. This is just one product that I liked but my daughter did not. She is still learning her math facts in multiplication and at the beginning of that learning curve. She also only has rudimentary typing skills so typing in her answers also added to the learning curve.   My son in the 5th grade is past this stage in his math experience and did not use the product.

In the conclusion, if you want to add another tool into your family's learning of math facts this product would definitely be worth looking into. The company also offers a free trial. But in our family we will just stick to good ole flash cards.

Math Facts Now
Ages- K - 6

Download - $15.95
CD - $15.95 plus $3.95 S&H

2871 Shenandoah Shores Road
Front Royal,VA 22630

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