Friday, February 4, 2011

Dig-It Games:Roman Town Premier Archaeology Game


Dig-It Games recently gave TOS crew an opportunity to explore their down loadable game Roman Town.
This interactive, educational game targets 5th to 8th graders, but can be played by kids from 8 to 88! The game is suitable for the entire family all age groups. There is no violence.
Our family downloaded the game onto our Windows based family computer. We did not have any trouble downloading the game and with our high speed connection it downloaded in a timely manner.
My 3rd grader and my 5th grader each played their own game. The game has 6 levels. You, the player, are an archaeologist invited to help excavate Fossura a Roman town destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius.
The game begins with, you the player, answering an ad for an archaeologist to help dig outside of Naples in Fossura. When you arrive you organize and manage your diggers by placing them on the site (shown above) choosing tools to use and analyzing artifacts as you find them.  Found artifacts are taken to the lab where you learn correct terms for findings such as amphora, mosaic and brazier. Next you take a review/quiz on the facts you learned on that level, you complete a report and then move on to the next level totaling 6 (you excavate six rooms in a Roman house) and completion.
As a family we generally do not play games on the computer. My children did enjoy this game. It was a learning experience for my daughter in particular because she is studying Greek/Roman history right now. They enjoyed the mini activities such as reconstructing mosaics. One irritation for my daughter was that she got stuck on one of the reports and could not move on until she completed it correctly. I finally had to come in and do that report so that she could move forward in the game.
I would recommend this game if you do have a child who generally likes computer games. I would recommend this game if you are studying Greek and Roman history because it is a very good simulation of a dig and so would give helpful insights into how history is found. You can also get a feel for how some of the activities are completed by checking the online arcade section. This was definitely a hit!

"Who were Romans? How did they live and what did they do? What did they eat and how did they play?"

The game can be purchased here for 39.95 or here is a limited SPECIAL opportunity:
TOS  readers: coupon code TOS2011 which gets them 20% off the 2010 price of
$24.95. The code expires Feb 21, 2011

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