Friday, February 18, 2011

Kids Scoop's Reluctant Reader Solution!

 Kid's Scoop is a great find! I reviewed this product with my 3rd grade daughter. She loves to read but has been a slow starter. For one thing she always enjoyed being read to more that working at it herself. That is why I think is a great product.  I love, in particular, the fact that your local newspaper paper is a means for encouraging your child to read.
We also signed up for the 30 awesome activities to make reading fun and so everyday since then we have been given a newspaper activity like...

Pack up for Adventure
Pretend you have been asked to go on an adventure. Your mission is to explore a new place and you will be away for a month. Look through the newspaper for things you would like to take with you. Make a list of the things you will pack - they must all be found in the newspaper!  Every day you get another idea to start off a reading adventure.
The other feature we have been enjoying are the Kid scoop newspaper and activity sheets that encourage reading through articles, stories and activities like the true story of Owen and Mzee a turtle and hippo, germ patrol, beauty of flight and the amazing Maya. These are truly factual newspapers for kids. For example, with germ patrol there is a chart to monitor your hand washing, a science lesson on how germs make us sick. In the Mayan article there is an article on Mayan Math and you learn to write Mayan numbers.

"It's pretty simple, actually, but too few programs do it well: find ways to make your child's "work" feel more like play. No child ever passes up an opportunity to play, do they?
So when you give your child or students reading material that is fun, engaging, and liberates their curiosity for the world around them, you are opening up the doors to a lifetime of happy reading."

That statement from the website really sums up the program. My daughter enjoyed the activities because they were games to her. I wished I had this program when both my children were learning to read because it incorporates science, math, history, games, current events and much, much more in a complete program.

I would also check out the website because there are several sample editions and ideas to incorporate reading in daily activities. We thought the "Work out and Get Rewards"  incentive was outstanding! There is also a weekly storybook online that has a new chapter added each week. There are online games and much, more! Check out the free newsletter. This is an all around hit!

This program is appropriate for children learning to read to those of any age that need remedial help. The complete program is $97.00 paid through Paypal.

Contact Kid Scoop by phone: 707-996-6077 or e-mail at

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