Friday, April 8, 2011

Science Weekly Reader

Science Weekly Love it, Love it, Love it. This is the type of product our family really enjoys. It is adaptable to both my children grade 3 and 5, has pertinent science information presented in a way that my children do not think is "babyish" and it is packed with information, experiments and game like activities but not overwhelming to the kids to read. We examined Volume 27, No. 03 on the Flu. The newspaper/newsletter format has 6 levels Pre-A through E for grades K-6.
You can subscribe to issues that cover Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science and Technology. Some of the current issues cover pulleys, scuba diving, the science of movies, caves, teeth, green building, composting and many more...
There are even free interactive issues available on five different science subjects.

Science Weekly is an excellent supplementary instructional tool for parents to help their child enhance his/her higher-ordered skills in science‚ math‚ reading and writing.*

Order here with an individual subscription of 15 issues for 19.95 per student.

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